Cyber Gallops — Set to Unleash Immersive Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing in the Metaverse

Cyber Gallops
2 min readMar 1, 2022


Cyber Gallops — The first NFT horse racing backed by professional horse trainers and jockeys

Cyber Gallops is an upcoming metaverse game, which features stunning game graphics and immersive gameplay centered around the age-old sport of horse racing and greyhound racing, as well as the various encompassing in-game activities that go towards preparing for the best thoroughbred to the starting gate.

Horse racing in Cyber Gallops

In order to realise the most hyper-realistic horse racing game in virtual reality, Cyber Gallops has worked with world champions and renowned horse trainers, such as Dubai World Cup Champion Jose L. Verenzuela, in order to internalise the variables pertinent to being a successful racer.

Jose L. Verenzuela — Pro Jockey / International G1 Winner, Stakes winner in USA, Venezuela, Middle East (Dubai-Saudi Arabia) and Asia (Singapore-Macau)

Henry Shterenberg, founder of Cyber Gallops has this to say about Cyber Gallops’ positioning in the nascent decentralised metaverse scene:

“Instead of building a simple play-to-earn game in line with current market trends, Cyber Gallops has chosen a more ambitious vision, where we create a comprehensive in-verse economy and an expansive range of in-game mechanics such as breeding, land building, horse racing and trading of racing equipment. Through our offerings, players are able to enjoy Cyber Gallops as a standalone game or as a blockchain based play-and-earn game, effectively serving as a bridge between traditional gamers and blockchain gamers.”

Henry Shterenberg — Founder, Cyber Gallops

Cyber Gallops’ revenue model is currently derived from the creation and sale of NFT assets that improves gaming outcomes and enjoyment, while creating an incentive for replay-ability.

Cyber Gallops IDO is tentatively set for June with a full launch of the game by the end of this year.

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Cyber Gallops

Metaverse Horse Racing, Unparalleled Immersion, Play-To-Earn Through Various In-Game Activities